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Transition to Two - Motherhood Series

Posted 09.21.2016 in Motherhood, Personal

Last week I shared a bit of my heart as I talked about why things are quieter over here on the blog. The love and support y’all gave was so encouraging, so thank you to everyone who took the time to comment or even text or email me! It meant the world. :-) I adore being a momma and I know it’s the most important job that I will ever have, so I don’t take it lightly. That being said, I thought it was about time I share a quick update on the kids with you! If you follow me on Instagram, you catch a peek of them now and then, but a lot of our day to day happenings are over on our personal Instagram (feel free to follow along there).

Brynna is already 6 1/2 months old and I can’t believe it!! Time has absolutely flown! This gorgeous little girl is a firecracker and keeps us on our toes. She doesn’t like sleep (I alluded to that last post), and is FINALLY, just these past couple of weeks, starting to take naps longer than 20-30 minutes (YAY!!!). We feel like she is just so over being a baby and is ready to grow up and hang around her big brother. :-) She sits up incredibly well on her own, and once she learned to do that, it’s like her whole world shifted and she is much happier during the day now! Her and Wyatt interact much more, and I can just see the yearning in her eyes to be big and strong enough to keep up with her big brother. She loves to reach out both her hands to my face and draw me down to hers with a huge open mouthed smile and it just makes me smile every time! She is SO fun to make laugh, and she is becoming quite the little chatter box with her coos and sounds and I adore it!

Over the past week, there have been several mornings where I am up with Brynna, and I hear Wyatt calling me from his room (he goes through phases of calling me or just coming out on his own), so Brynna and I go up and knock on his door and then squat down so we’ll be at his level when he comes out. He gets so excited, and I can hear him running to the door. He throws open the door and squeals “Gack-gack!!” (his name for Brynna, no idea where it came from), and throws his arms around her. She squeals in delight with her big open mouthed smile and dimples for days, and my heart melts EVERY TIME. Sweetest thing I have ever seen!! One day I’ll remember to set up my camera to video it because I will watch it over and over and over again when these two graduate high school, and college, and get married.

Brynna is a little chunker, has the most amazing dimples to go with her open mouthed smile (although I just realized NONE of her monthly pictures show them!), LOVES to eat, does not take a pacifier but loves her stuffed elephant, sometimes loves the car and sometimes hates it with a passion, is a momma’s girl at the moment but goodness does she love her daddy, loves stroller rides, swinging outside, and being carried. She’s ready to be 2, at which point she’ll be ready to be 12, and so on. She’s gonna keep us on our toes!

And Wyatt. Oh you guys. I have loved every stage of his, but right now, this is hands down my favorite yet. He is my little buddy, and I adore our time together! He chatters up a storm, and I can generally figure out what he’s saying about 75% of the time, but it sounds like gibberish to most everyone else. :-) He turned 2 in June, and is such a delight!! He can’t really say W’s yet, so he calls himself DyDit and it’s adorable.

He is easy to please, quick to laugh, hilarious to watch, and just as sweet as can be. He is a smart little cookie and loves to spell, count, sing, and “read”. He LOVES being outside, and could spend hours at our creek, riding his bike and scooter, or just chasing bubbles and leaves around. His little voice calling, “momma!” each morning just melts my heart, and I get such a kick out of watching him and listening to him. He has gotten really good at keeping himself entertained (which is SO helpful sometimes!), but much prefers having us play alongside him. We play with his trains at it’s probably one of my favorite activities with him (because I enjoy buidling new tracks every time). He has his hard moments for sure, but the vast majority of the time, he is just a little sweetheart and his smile and laugh light up every room.

We have our good days and our bad days…our tough days and our fun days, but at the end of every single day, I am beyond thankful for these two, more than words can say. These two are both an absolute delight and I am SO thankful God chose me to be their momma!

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