It started with a simple text message…Luke asking me what I was doing the following Friday. I had a sneaking suspicion of what he was going to ask me (and hoped I was right!), but I just answered casually, “just work.” When his reply came back telling me he was planning to propose to Kayla I wanted to jump and dance right then, but people in my office would have thought I had seen a mouse (because that does happen), or something strange. Haha. So, I screamed and danced in my head. :)

When it came to the proposal, Luke had it all planned out. They were going to go to dinner, and then go watch the sunset from a dock on the river in Newport News. Ben and I were going to get there early and scope it out. Unfortunately, the dock was swarming with fisherman and other people just hanging out to watch the sunset. We knew we had no chance of getting them all off, so I frantically texted Luke our change in plan. There was a grassy, rock wall on each side of the dock that was blocked off, but the fence was definitely bendable. We told Luke where to go, and I settled in next to an extremely nice woman who didn’t mind me completely invading her personal space, while Ben hung out behind a shed to capture a different angle.

When they arrived, Luke went right for the fence, and tried to coax Kayla through. She would have none of it at first, but finally (in a very fortunate turn of events), a young man walked by and said something like “you only live once, just do it!”, so they made it through and settled in on the rock wall. At this point, everyone that I was close to at the dock (that knew what was happening), turned to watch. Ha, it was hilarious!

They stayed like that for all of a minute, while Kayla just stared at Luke, thinking he was either really sick, or something strange was going on. Luke agreed he wasn’t feeling well, so they got up to leave, and then….THIS!!!Here is Ben’s angle!

And then Kayla did a little happy dance. :) 

This was the point when Kayla realized everyone on the dock was watching and cheering for them. It was fantastic!

Oh hey new sister!

As they made their way down the dock, everyone was hugging them and cheering for them. It was adorable!

And we had to grab a few pictures before the sun completely set.Favorite!!Kayla could not stop bursting into delighted giggles and laughter, it was fantastic!And her GORGEOUS ring!! Nicely done Luke. :)


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Love, love, love!!! I cried at almost every picture! Another wonderful sister-in-law to be! :)

such a special moment, and a gorgeous ring!

Great work!

Great Pictures…Love is in the AIR !!!!Fantastic and Blessed Pictures

This is only about the tenth time I’ve looked at these and read the narrative.
I can’t stop smiling! Sort of like that Friday night!
Thanks again.

Oh, this is just too cute! Congratulations to the two of them!

So cute…..teary & chuckeling at the same time! Very happy for them & the whole Allen Family!!

I know I know… I am probably one of the last people to comment on these pics… I loved every one of them :-)

Though Kayla, and I mean this on a photogenic level alone, why were you squinting at every pic where you showed the ring off? ok ok sorry… just wondered