Puppies Page Blakely


Blakely is my little shadow, our snuggler, and our leaper! Her favorite thing in life is to eat, and she’s a little chub-chub but we’re working on that! She loves to swim and if we lived on the water, she wouldn’t be such a chub. :) She loves to devour toys with squeakers, play hide-and-seek, and remind us that Tupperware is more than just a food container…it makes a great chew toy! Much to our dismay, she loves to ride in the front seat of the car and is very scared of all 6 of Ben’s brothers. She’s a kisser and a lover; she has gorgeous golden brown eyes and gives the absolute best hugs!

Puppies Page Owen


Owen is our half pure-bred Great Pyrenees and half everything else. He is stubborn and hard-headed, but the biggest goof-ball of a dog you will meet! His favorite place in the house is under the dining room table; his favorite toy is whatever Blakely is playing with; and sometimes he likes to redecorate by dragging pillows and couch cushions around the house (a move they do not normally survive). He is such a joy and makes our hearts happy just to watch his antics. He is a barker and a cuddler; he is spotted and handsome; and with his happily curled tail, he is quite the friendly fellow!