Headshot for About Me

I’m a wife, mother, puppy-momma, lover of ice cream, saved by grace, and believer in the power of the little moments. My husband Ben is my rock, my support system, and my constant source of laughter and entertainment! Together, we can easily demolish a bowl of cookie dough in one sitting. Our sons Wyatt (3 1/2) and Cole (3 months), and our daughter Brynna (2) are an absolute delight and such a joy in our lives! Wyatt’s smile, Brynna’s laugh, and Cole’s coos just melt my heart and I adore being their momma! Our puppies make up our current little family, and technically aren’t really puppies anymore, but that name will always stick with them. They bring so much love and laughter into our lives every day! I love Jesus and my relationship with Him defines who I am, guides what I do, and is the foundation of my life.  




I’m a California girl at heart, but call Virginia home. I often use “y’all” and “you guys” in the same sentence and always call roads with multiple lanes Freeways. I talk with my hands, even over the phone, and in writing you are hard-pressed to get anything from me that doesn’t contain multiple exclamation points!! I love the snow, but get cold way too easily. I am like a kid in a candy shop in any office supply store, and have too many notebooks, pens, and random office supplies just because they are cute! I am a handwritten planner kind of girl, and love way too much creamer in my morning coffee. The way to my heart is through ice cream and chocolate (even better if the two are combined!), and all things 49ers!