It’s been a while since I’ve done one of my KAPtivations posts! But I do plan on bringing them back, and changing them up a little bit, adding some of my monthly goals to the list as well as a baby update!

So, onto March KAPtivations!

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(1) Spring! (And snow). Can we all just breathe a big sigh of relief that it at least appears that Spring is here to stay in Virginia! I LOVE the snow (and we got some decent ones this year), and am always up for a freak snow storm (I know, I know), but when you have crazy low temps with no snow? Not cool. I’m tired of scraping ice off my car every morning, and I am loving all the blossoming trees and plants! (The pups sure enjoyed the snow too though!)

(2) Babymoon! I blogged a bit about it here, but it was a blast. I wish we could go back to both places and stay a little longer. I thoroughly enjoyed my first taste of Charleston (charming little city!), and I can’t wait to go back someday and stay a bit longer. And it was fun to stay in a swanky hotel for a couple of nights. :-)

(3) Wedding season kicked off this past weekend, and although the rain didn’t hold off, it was one of my favorite weddings to date! More coming next week!! It got me so pumped for wedding season to start!


Ben and I don’t have cable, satellite, or even antenna TV, so we watch a ton of Netflix. We recently finished up the TV series “Flashpoint” on Netflix, and highly, highly recommend it!! It stayed clean throughout the entire series (which is so rare these days), and was entertaining, intriguing, and really made you think about the not so glamorous side of jobs like police and firefighters…and makes you appreciate them even more!

I love to watch shows while I edit or do other work around the house. I think I’ve mentioned it before, but I’ve found that the shows have to be light-hearted, because if they are all suspenseful or stressful, it really stresses me out in my work. I love those kind of shows when I’m not working, but I need something cheery (and that I don’t have to pay careful attention to), while I’m working. I heard a lot about Psych, and have whipped through the series. I’m on season 6 and really loving it!

Frozen. We finally saw it. Need I say more?! This movie totally lived up to its hype, and we loved it! Oh! And the way Christoph has conversations “with” Sven? We totally do that with our pups.

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You like what I did there? :-) Although Spark is currently 25 weeks, since this is a recap of March, we ended the month at 24+ weeks! Spark’s absolute favorite food is pizza, specifically my mom’s homemade recipe. We made it twice in March, and both times after eating it, Spark started doing a jig and kept it up for quite some time! He definitely inherited his love of pizza from the Field family side. :-)

We still don’t have a name picked out, but Ben did suggest Kardashian the other day. True story. The funny (sweet?) thing was that he had NO idea why I immediately, absolutely vetoed that one. He has never heard of the Kardashians, bless his heart! I filled him in, and then was a bit embarrassed that I knew as much as I did. Ha.

I think we’ve decided on a nursery color!! This has seriously taken me forever, and my Pinterest board is a full gamut of colors and hues. I finally found one that I loved, but the only problem is there is no way to find out what the actual paint color is (believe me, I tried…even found the original source of the photo, and nothing). But it at least points us in the right direction! We haven’t made much progress on our List yet, but I have a feeling April will be a big month for that. :-)

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April Goals

Business Goals
– Finalize our taxes with our CPA
– Shoot 2 weddings and shoot them well! (And have fun!)
– Finish organizing files on computer and get them allll backed up online (this is taking FOREVER)
– Complete one more section of my Client Wedding Lounge
– Design and order a sample wedding album
– Order a new stamp with my new logo
– Submit 2 weddings

Personal Goals
– Demo master bathroom (ok, so this is technically my personal goal for Ben)
– Pick final paint colors for nursery, master bedroom, new office
– Paint nursery, master bedroom, and new office
– Move office furniture downstairs and organize new office
– Decide on a new carpet color
– Finish baby registry (this is so overwhelming y’all!)
– Register for labor and delivery classes
– Celebrate Ben’s birthday!
– Work out 3-4 times a week, and walk outside every day it’s sunny! Ok, perhaps not every day, but close to it.
– Keep Spark healthy as I finish out the 2nd trimester
– Pass my glucose test
– Get my state inspection for my car (boring)

I think that’s plenty to keep us rip-roaring busy through the month of April! Wish us luck!

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