Congratulations on your engagement!! The countdown to one of the most exciting days in your life is on and the planning is underway!

I believe in the importance of captured moments. I believe that a photograph can convey emotion, passion, and awe. I believe that that a memory can be sparked by an image. I believe that there is power in the intimate moments of your wedding day. And I believe that a wedding day is only the beginning! I believe that the day you say “I Do” is only the start of your journey, your story, your legacy together!

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Everyone told me that the love you have for your child is unlike anything you have known, but I don’t think anything truly prepared me for the overwhelming, intense love that washed over me the moment I met my baby for the first time. My life changed forever as I held my baby boy and watched the tears flow freely from my husband. Our hearts overflowed with a kind of love we had never experienced before!

Being a mother has changed the way I live my life, and becoming parents has started an incredible new chapter in our love story! There is something intensely sweet about watching your big, strong, grizzled husband holding your tiny, innocent newborn baby…it ignites a new kind of love that you were not prepared for, a more mature, ‘we’ve been through a lot, but look at what we created together’ kind of love.

Our baby boy changed the way that I view my work, view my photography, and view my purpose with my camera. The moments are fleeting, the time is short, the babies are precious! Capturing the next chapter of your love story, from the preparation, anticipation, and wonder of your pregnancy, to the raw love, wonderment, and fascination of this new precious baby, this culmination of your love is something I am passionate about!

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