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Married! Courtney & Mike

The Barns At Hamilton Station Wedding Photographer

Posted 06.23.2016 in Weddings

Over the past 9-10 years, Courtney and Mike have moved throughout the country together. They have gathered friends wherever they went, and on a warm, sunny, beautiful day in June, their friends and family came together to love and support these two as they promised forever. As Courtney’s grandfather walked her down the aisle, and emphatically and enthusiastically (to everyone’s amusement) gave her away, Courtney and Mike couldn’t stop smiling at each other.

Married! Kate & Corey

Castle Hill Cider Barn Wedding Photographer

Posted 06.16.2016 in Weddings

You can tell a lot about a couple by the friends that they surround themselves with, and Kate & Corey are one of those couples that everyone just seems to gravitate towards! Their bridal party was filled with friends and family from all different stages of their lives, and it was obvious to tell that everyone adores these two together, and loves them as individual s and as a couple.

Heirloom Albums

Virginia Wedding Photography

Posted 03.31.2016 in Weddings

A few days ago, my mom pulled out a couple of her photo albums to show Wyatt a few pictures of when I was little. As I looked through them, I commented that my parents had done a wonderful job at taking pictures of our family through the years (they have an entire floor to ceiling bookshelf nearly filled with albums from our childhood).

Canvas Contest Winners

Virginia Wedding Photographer

Posted 02.15.2016 in Weddings

Ah you guys! That canvas contest was so fun!! I loved seeing everyone rally for votes and it was really fun combining Instagram and Facebook this year! One couple blew it away on Facebook, and another blew it away on Instagram, so combining the two was great! Onto our winners!