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Married! Blake & Daniel

1757 Club Wedding Photographer

Posted 10.07.2016 in Weddings

These two are not only best friends, but they are each other’s biggest fans. Their admiration and love for each other was evident in their answers, and even MORE evident when I actually met them! They just flow together, and it’s beautiful. Watching these two interact on their wedding day was nothing short of special. They couldn’t take their eyes off of each other, and their smiles just totally lit up their entire faces!

Married Monday! Blake & Daniel

1757 Club Wedding Photographer

Posted 09.26.2016 in Weddings

On Saturday, Blake & Daniel said “I Do” (along with the promise to watch Hokie games together for the rest of their lives), and it could NOT have been more perfectly beautiful! Their joy was so contagious and I truly cannot wait to share more of their wedding day with you!

Still Here

Transition to Two - Motherhood Series

Posted 09.14.2016 in Motherhood, Personal, Weddings

Do you ever have those days where you wake in the morning just ready to take the day by storm? Continue Reading

Married! Megan & Adolfo

California Wedding Photographer

Posted 07.19.2016 in Weddings

Megan is my dear cousin, and I still picture her as a little girl, playing Littlest Pet Shop with my little sister…but she has grown into a beautiful young woman with an absolutely incredible heart for the Lord! I wish I had the time to tell you her entire story, but let me just say that her life is an absolute miracle, and her love for the Lord is awe-inspiring. We all (my family) first met Adolfo a couple of years ago when Megan’s brother Nate got married. We were all immediately taken by the way he cared for Megan, watched over her, and loved not just her, but her family so well.