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Meet the Puppies!

Posted 05.16.2011 in Personal

We call them puppies. Or puppilies if we’re in a silly mood. They aren’t really puppies anymore, seeing as how they turned 1 in January, but they will always be the puppies to us! Even when they’re old and gray (which is never going to happen by the way). Owen and Blakely are our children! Our furry, four-legged, […]

All Together…Finally!

Posted 05.05.2011 in Personal

Yesterday, my sister asked me for a copy of a family picture we took a couple weeks ago. It made me realize how amazingly far behind I am on editing and blogging (and facebook posting!) all of my pictures. So, this is just a quick post, but after opening up the picture last night, I […]

Happy 28 Ben!

Posted 04.27.2011 in Personal

This morning I woke up with a sense of excitement brimming…today is my husband’s 28th birthday and it is such a beautiful day! I love to celebrate the day Ben was born, because it is ultimately a day of thanksgiving to the Lord for all of His perfect plans! Psalm 139:13-14 says, “[Lord], you created my […]