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A Decade

A Cross-Country Move

Posted 06.01.2016 in Personal

One of the most common questions people ask someone they just met is “where are you from?” It’s a simple enough question, and one that many people probably have no trouble answering, but in the last 5 or 6 years, it has become a harder question for me to answer. My answer will differ, depending on where we are, who is asking, and how much time we have, and if it’s really that big of a deal. :-)

What Day Is It?

Transition to Two

Posted 05.18.2016 in Motherhood, Personal

Motherhood is messy, and motherhood is beautiful. Motherhood is my greatest calling, but motherhood is downright hard. Motherhood is loving more than you knew you possibly could. Motherhood is watching your heart walk around on the outside. Motherhood is for a lifetime, but motherhood goes through seasons. Motherhood is a blessing. I just wanted to encourage all the momma’s out there that you are not alone in your busy, messy, ‘let’s just survive’ days!

Travel Dates

Northern California Photographer

Posted 05.16.2016 in Personal

Dear California, We are headed your way this summer!! I am always so excited to visit my home state (and introduce Brynna to her where her momma grew up), and am doing something new this time around! We are heading to California for an amazing wedding extravaganza with my extended family over the 4th of July weekend, but before we head to the Bay Area for that, my little family and I will head up the hill for a couple of days. If you know what “up the hill” means, then you know exactly where we’re headed! :-)


Transition to Two

Posted 05.03.2016 in Motherhood, Personal

For those that have followed along for a while (or read some of my recent baby related posts), you know that we have lost 2 babies through miscarriage. Last year, I found out I was pregnant on Mother’s Day, but lost the baby (we nicknamed that sweet babe, Sprite) the day after. As hard as that loss was, it wasn’t as heart-wrenching as our first loss because it was our first, and I carried Sprout around for many weeks before our loss.