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Ceremony, Family, & Details – Timeline Series

Wedding Day Timeline

Posted 04.21.2016 in For Brides

I always try to ensure that we are completely done with the couple portraits and the full bridal party shots AT LEAST 30 minutes prior to the ceremony time, for a number of reasons. First (and most important) is to hide the bride away! It is not uncommon for guests to arrive very early to a wedding (especially if they had to travel far), and most of them just can’t help themselves if they see the bride out and about…they want to go say hi and take pictures!

First Look & Bridal Party – Timeline Series

The Wedding Day Timeline

Posted 04.07.2016 in For Brides

Next up on our Wedding Day Timeline series is the First Look and Bridal Party Portrait time! This is one of my FAVORITE times of day, for obvious reasons. :-) With this part of the wedding day, I will set aside as much time as the bride and groom are willing to give me! I never want to rush through this time, and if there are infinite places around their venue for beautiful photos, I love having the time to just wander around!

Getting Ready – The Timeline Series

Tips for Brides - Wedding Day Timeline

Posted 03.02.2016 in For Brides

This is one of my favorite parts of the wedding day, and the one where everything TRULY starts feeling real for the bride! There is so much anticipation leading up to this part of the wedding day and sometimes this is the part of the day that feels the most time crunch. I used to set aside 15-20 minutes for the getting ready portion of the day, and over the past couple of years (this past year especially) I noticed that was no where NEAR enough time! I have doubled the time to 30 minutes, but even then, if we have extra time to spare later in the timeline, I definitely recommend setting aside even up to 40 or 45 minutes.

The Wedding Day Timeline

Virginia Wedding Photographer

Posted 02.25.2016 in For Brides

Over the past couple of years, I have noticed some areas in my timelines that almost always seem to run slower than anticipated on a wedding day, and have started to adjust my timelines accordingly. Rather than dive into each segment and detail of the wedding day in one post, I thought it would be beneficial to split up the various aspects of the timeline into separate blog posts. That way I can dive into the ins and outs of what exactly that part of the wedding day includes, and why I budget the amount of time that I do!