Cole’s Birth Story

Richmond Newborn Photographer

Posted 03.20.2018 in Lifestyle, Motherhood, Newborn, Personal

We never sent out birth announcements, so the above is what it would have looked like. ;-) I debated for Continue Reading

Maternity Leave

Posted 11.28.2017 in Personal

Well friends, I can’t believe it’s already here, but it’s time for me to officially post my maternity leave! With our sweet baby due any day now, I’ve been on unofficial maternity leave for the past couple of weeks (our babies just normally come early!), but now it’s official, and it’s so crazy to think that baby Goosie could be here any day! I will be on maternity leave through the end of March for lifestyle sessions, and through the end of May for weddings. 

Married! Karly & Ray

Ashland Fall Wedding

Posted 11.14.2017 in Weddings

These two are so fun to be around, and just keep you on your toes with their faces, laughs, and love. One of my favorite moments of the day, was watching Ray’s face when he saw Karly head toward the ceremony site. Karly has grown up around horses, and decided to surprise Ray by coming in on a horse-drawn carriage…and I’m pretty positive his reaction to seeing her drive up with her dad was EXACTLY what she was hoping for!

Married Monday! Karly & Ray

Ashland Wedding Photographer

Posted 11.06.2017 in Weddings

In picking a fall wedding in Virginia, you never quite know if you’ll choose the peak foliage color weekend, but I would say Karly and Ray hit this one on the dot! Their Ashland wedding was stunning, the cloud cover made all of the fall colors just pop like crazy, and their smiles and joy were simply contagious through the drizzles and all.

Ashland Fall Wedding Photographer